Review: Epic Encounters Cove of the Dragon Turtle (Steamforged Games) – English

“From a distance, it almost looks like an island. An unwieldy mass protruding from the sea. To a sailor who has been launched, it might look like a way to survive and be saved, but then suddenly the island starts moving. From beneath the waves, the head of the island appears and the great maw of the beast can be seen. The island was nothing more than the shell of this huge turtle. With great speed it moves through the water, but then suddenly it disappears under the waves and there it is no longer visible. This is a Dragon Turtle.”

Cove of the Dragon Turtle is another Epic Encounters box just like the Island of the Crab Archon. The Epic Encounters boxes were created as an all-in-one box for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters where the Dungeon Master gets everything to entertain his or her players. The box contains an adventure book, a double-sided game mat and one or more high-quality miniatures.

This Encounter box contains the miniature and adventure around the dreaded Dragon Turtle. A giant beast with an ironclad jaw that can bite through anything. The adventure that comes with this box, like the other Epic Encounter boxes, gives a handy bit of background information about the Dragon Turtle and any rumours to tell players. In addition, the booklet provides so-called ‘story hooks’, a kind of clues, to guide players to the adventure. This is followed by several pages that clearly and point by point out what Encounter you could do as a Dungeon Master. This includes the double-sided game mat. As with the other Epic Encounter boxes, encounters are kept exciting by interesting terrain that plays along or by enemy tactics. The booklet then also lists any treasures players can find. The booklet concludes by giving the statistics of the Dragon Turtle (at different difficulty levels) and the other enemies.

If, as a Dungeon Master, you want to use an exciting final boss for your campaign or for your story, this Epic Encounters is a great fit. It gives you a ready-made box with everything you need to give your players an unforgettable encounter. And because, as Dungeon Master, you don’t have to focus on preparations, you can put your complete focus on the game.