Showcase: Folded Space Inserts – English

Setting up and storing away games is not a favourite activity of most players! Especially in the case of complex games with thousands of parts. Gloomhaven, I’m looking at you… Setting up and storing away games sometimes takes so long that it can spoil the fun. The efficient and creative storage of games is therefore sometimes a hobby in itself. A lot of bags. Plastic sauce containers from a takeaway. 3D printed systems. And so on and so forth. Often, these solutions are not practical or beautiful. Nor do they always ensure that your game is set up quickly. Folded Space offers a lightweight solution for storing and setting up games.

The inserts of Folded Space are made of a lightweight foam similar to foam core. Folded Space calls this material Evacore – a foam made from 75% recycled plastic/plastic on which sturdy laminated paper is attached for extra strength and for easy assembly. These Evacore sheets are cut by Folded Space so that the recipient only has to punch out the parts to assemble ensuring the inserts can easily be sent by post.

Each Folded Space product consists of a number of pre-cut Evacore sheets, along with building instructions. Assembling a Folded Space insert is comparable to a LEGO set or an IKEA cabinet. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Nice and easy! All you need is a little PVA glue (regular craft glue or simple wood glue is fine) to assemble the inserts.

The easiest way to assemble the inserts is to sort the parts of a specific segment, assemble them without any glue first, then lay these parts flat and apply glue to the edges/borders and then press the insert together. In this way you can glue in a fairly flowing movement.

On average, an insert of four sheets (usual size) weighs less than 250 grams when assembled, which makes the extra weight negligible, in contrast to wooden inserts for example. Folded Space inserts are designed so that, if the quantity and type of components of a game allows it, the insert will almost touch the lid of the box, so that components will stay in place. If a game is jam packed with components, for example the English versions of Paladins of the West Kingdom, then it may happen that the bottom of the box sticks out a little bit after placing the insert.

The insert of Quacks of Quedlinburg gives the possibility to store all (current) expansions of Quacks in one single box. For each ingredient there is a separate tray and also for each player there is a tray so that games can be set up quickly. This way, you don’t have to take parts out of bags or sort them out again and again. There is enough room for the cardboard tokens or even the plastic chips from BoardGameGeek. I have put my tokens in coin capsules and there was a little less room for them. By the way, the picture does not show all the expansions.

The insert of Clans of Caledonia is almost a necessity. This game contains so many different components that an insert makes storing and setting up a considerably less time-consuming activity. The insert of Above and Below ensures that the various components have their own place in the (too) large box. The unnecessary space is conveniently filled with the foam of the insert.

Folded Space inserts are a fantastically simple and relatively inexpensive product. Because of their light weight, Folded Space inserts are perfect for players who regularly take their games to game nights.