Review: Yokai (Gam’inBIZ) – English

Yokai is a collective term for supernatural creatures from Japanese religion and mythology. These ghosts and monsters are often known as annoying poltergeists and play tricks ranging from mischief to evil. In this cooperative game with the same name, you try to bring order into this spiritual chaos. Will you be able to control these monsters supernaturally or will these spirits do the exorcising?

Yokai combines memory and cooperative gameplay in this game where players are only allowed to communicate in a limited way. The Yokai cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table. Players then take turns to look at 2 closed cards, move one card and use hint cards. At the end of the game, all Yokai are turned over and all colours (4 in total) must be in a group together. Then the players have won.

Players may either turn over a hint card or play the Yokai. Each hint card shows 1, 2 or 3 colours. A hint card is played on top of one of the closed Yokai to give a hint to other players, but also to collect points. Each correct hint is worth points at the end of the game, if you have won. However, a Yokai with a hint may not be viewed or moved again. As soon as players think they have won or if all the hint cards have been played, the game is over.

Yokai is a funny and light-hearted cooperative challenge that is easy to explain and plays quickly. The game is surprisingly challenging. Will you manage to beat the basic version and achieve a high score? The game contains additional challenges and difficulty levels for sufficient variation. Not at all a ghastly affair!