Review: Wingspan Fan Art Pack (Stonemaier Games) – English

Wingspan has been flying high during the last couple of years. Wingspan managed to win over a wide roost of players and became immensely popular as a result. Experienced and less experienced players, newcomers, lovers of beautiful illustrations and, of course, the bird watchers among us. All players flocked down to peck at Wingspan had to offer.

For this popular game, there are now several expansions and a digital version available. All with those beautiful and distinctive bird illustrations. Those bird illustrations are so distinctive and beloved that fans created their own drawings inspired by them. By the way, birds have always been a favorite subject of beautiful drawings, paintings and other works.

With this fan art pack, Stonemaier has put together illustrations by fans of the game Wingspan, allowing you to replace all the cards of the game. The art pack contains illustrations in the style of the original game but with its own twist, quirky works, paintings, children’s drawings and all kinds of different applications of different techniques giving you a stack of unique cards. An ode to Wingspan.