Review: Forest Shuffle (Lookout Games) – English

Shaking, sliding and shuffling is not something you only see at a school party full of smelly adolescents. In fact, it is also done in abundance in the forest. Especially in forests with immeasurable flora and fauna. The trees, birds, insects, quadrupeds, mushrooms, moss and other things are depicted by cards. You have to shuffle, slide, shuffle and place these cards to earn points in Shuffle Forest.

The game setup of Shuffle Forest is simple. Lay out the game board, give each player a cave, shuffle the cards (make sure the winter cards are somewhere random at the end of the pile) and deal each player some cards in advance. Game play is also almost as simple. Each turn you get to take two cards from the deck and/or the game board, or you play a card from your hands.

Fortunately, there is a little more to the game. Besides trees, there are also other flora and/or fauna cards. The latter you need to place under trees and always has two sides. To play a card, you have to pay the cost indicated on the card. To pay, you must place cards from your hand face-up on the game board. Most cards score points and different ways and some cards also have bonus actions if you meet certain conditions. For example, you can score points with combinations of cards and bonus actions allow you to draw or play extra cards and sometimes even perform an entire extra turn. Players try to stick their actions together in this way to build a full forest.

Forest Shuffle is simple and conversational. The game play is simple, but the challenge lies in playing the right combination of cards. The scoring is comprehensive and surprising, giving this simple card game a lot to offer.