Review: Tiny Epic Mechs (Gamelyn Games) – English

Ready to cancel the apocalyps? Let’s get ready to rumble and stumble, because these mechs (large robot suits) move in clunky programmed ways. In Tiny Epic Mechs, published by Gamelyn Games, players compete for honour and glory in gladiatorial arenas with big guns and metal mechs! Are you a true Mecha-Master, or rather a rusty gonk-droid on its way to the junkyard?

Tiny Epic Mechs is a game where players must plan their actions ahead each round. They have to plan the movement of their character or mech ahead and schedule four actions. Actions are varied: placing mines or turrets, buying weapons, upgrading or jumping and fighting. Players compete for control of the battlefield. By placing mines and turrets they gain control over areas (and can damage other players in an underhand way) and with weapons and upgrades players become stronger, giving them a chance in battles. Then you fight each other and try to take control of the large mech suit in the middle of your board. It’s even bigger and stronger than your own mech suit. No kaiju in this game, but the suits don’t lie!

If you come to an area where another player is already standing, you will fight ‘real steel’ style. For the first attack you get a point, and each damage you inflict earns you another point and a higher place in the rankings. Once an attack has taken place, another player may counter with another weapon. Each weapon can only be used once during a battle. Each weapon is also categorised, meaning that some weapons deal more damage to certain types. A kind of rock, paper, scissors style. For example, attack a cannon with your hidden sword for extra damage like in the first Pacific Rim.

The cool thing about Tiny Epic Mechs are the Tiny Epic IteMeeples that come with them. Grab your meeple, perform your upgrade and get into your mech suit. Buy weapons and attach them to your meeple or mech. The weapon minis match the artwork on the cards. So at some point, your “naked” meeple transforms into a mechanical beast with hand cannons, laser guns and glowing swords.

Aggressiveness and tactical planning pays off in this game. Match your strengths with your opponents, kick some ass and chew bubble gum, and put together the most dangerous mech suit. Don’t forget to control territories by placing damaging mines and turrets. The more you fight, the more points you can get. But don’t overplay your hand, because an ejector seat will punish you.

Tiny Epic Mechs: hell, it’s about time!