Review: Synergy (Jolly Dutch) – English

Synergy is a common term in the workplace, but I wonder if most people actually grasp the concept I cannot grasp. Synergy is the combined strength of a group in which cooperation is more powerful than if everyone worked separately. Synergy is also the name of a game aimed at a group that manages to achieve a certain synergy.

Synergy (the game I mean) is primarily about numbers. In the game, players collectively try to play cards and sums while having to fulfill assignments. Each round they must complete a number of tasks and have a limited number of lives. If they manage to pass the level collectively, they get to go to the next level. As in similar cooperative games such as The Mind, players are not allowed to communicate with each other.

Each player is given a colored set of cards to do sums with. Each turn, place one card at a time and try to use it to respond to others. Play your mission and all try to complete your mission.

Synergy, then, besides working together, is mostly about numbers and I think will appeal to mathematicians who are well matched. Players who are good at statistics will probably be able to complete levels by counting cards and estimating other players. For us, it felt a bit random and we tried to complete the levels on good hope. If you were to put a lot of thought and time into the game you could possibly become a master at it, but it requires a lot of synergy from the group. Do you also become more than the sum of your parts?