Review: Stereo Mind (Playte) – English

Do you and your peers think in stereo? Are your minds one big echo chamber? You’ll find out soon enough in Stereo Mind. In this new association game by Korean company Playte, players all try to choose the same word based on a short sound clip/song. Are you on the same wavelength or will things go ultrasonically wrong?

With Playte’s special L Board games, the game box is a playable part of the game. In Moon Leap, the fold-out box acted as a game board, but in Stereo Mind, it is a holder for your phone and the box even acts as an amplifier for the speakers. DJ, spin that record and we can gamble on our collective feelings!

Players draw eight random cards to form a central draw pile. They flip a card open and scan the QR code of the card lying facedown on top of the draw pile. There are a number of words written on each of the cards. By scanning the QR code, players get to hear a song. On their ’turntable’, players indicate which word they think best fits the song. One of the players has received a pause token with this token this player can literally and figuratively pause another player. The chosen player’s answer no longer counts for this turn. Players win the open card if they have all given the same answer. Players may discuss their answers after they have revealed their answers in the hope of being better aligned in subsequent turns. How many cards do you manage to win?

Stereo Mind is a entertaining association game with a fun gimmick. It is easy to explain and with the right group, this is a very amusing test of how well players are aligned.