Review: Qwixx Longo (NSV) – English

Longer is not always better. I am a tall man and have regularly bumped my head in other countries. In Hong Kong, I even brought down the façade of a shop once because of my height… Qwixx Longo is longer than the original, but is it also better?

Everyone knows Qwixx. You throw dice in different colours and try to get successive numbers in different rows. The normal Qwixx is played with 6-sided dice (D6), but in Qwixx Longo 8-sided dice (D8) are used. The rows are longer and therefore more points can be obtained. Longer rows and a longer game duration. Otherwise, the game is quite similar to the original. The only other changes are that there are now two possible numbers with which you can close a row and the row can be closed proportionally faster than in the original. In addition, each player has two lucky numbers. When a lucky number is rolled with the white dice, a player may select a number in the row with the fewest crosses.

Qwixx Longo is a fun variation of this modern classic. It feels like the classic game, but the twist is not unpleasant. Qwixx Longo offers, in my opinion, more value than the other scoring sheets for the original. The new dice, longer rows, multiple possibilities to close a row and the lucky numbers make Qwixx revive for me!