Review: Nightmare Before Christmas Merry Madness (The Op) – English

There are some big and confronting life questions. Is there life after death? Is it chips or Chips? What should we eat tonight? Is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? It’s a merry madness in Tim Burton’s holiday movie and also in Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Merry Madness.

In this fast-paced, simultaneous dice game full of chaos and madness, you and your fellow players try to control and test this ‘chaos’. The gameplay concept of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Merry Madness was first introduced by The Op in Mickey and Friends: Food Fight and is also seen in Harry Potter: Mischief in Diagon Alley. Merry Madness draws inspiration for its theme from the classic Tim Burton film: The Nightmare Before Christmas. All the packages from Sandy Claws are placed in the wrong place and players try to get their packages.

In this game concept, players simultaneously and as quickly as possible roll their dice to move the different presents. In total, there are three different game modes, but basically, these variants run the same. Players are given three dice. One die depicts objects, one die indicates left, right, the middle of the table or a spot of their choice, and the last die indicates a quantity. Depending on their roll, they must take a certain amount of a specific object from or give it to a specific player or the centre of the table. Depending on the game mode, players try to collect a single type of object or a set of different objects or try not to keep any object. What madness!

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Merry Madness is a funny and fast-paced game. The main element is to try to roll the dice and perform your actions as quickly as possible. This makes for entertaining stress which makes it a quick game you can easily play in between. There are many games where players try to quickly roll dice and get rid of objects, but Merry Madness has a cheerful and Christmas-like theme and high production quality. While the theme is pretty separate from the gameplay, it doesn’t make it any less suitable for the holidays.