Review: Nice Buns (Big Potato Games) – English

Bao buns is often used to refer to stuffed and steamed buns from Asia. Bao buns is a bit redundant, as bao already means bun. These buns are immensely popular and varied worldwide. There are sweet buns, savory buns, luxurious double-folded steamed buns richly filled with meat, vegetables or even soup or the signature “pinched” round buns. In Nice Buns, players try to be the first to place enough buns on their plates to then stuff into their mouths. Beware of the buns with fish heads, as no one likes those buns!

In Nice Buns, players try to be the first to collect three sets of buns in three different colors. Each player gets a plate, two random buns (brightly colored plastic chips), and in the center of the table comes a veritable buffet of buns.

Each turn, the active player rolls the three dice. These dice are all unique. The small die shows how many buns may be drawn from the steam bag. The medium die shows different colors based on which sandwiches may be taken from the buffet in the center of the table. The large die allows players to exchange, steal or pass buns.

After rolling the dice, the player makes two combinations of the dice. The player to the left of the active player may then choose which combination of dice and corresponding actions this player wants. The remaining combination is for the active player. In order from small to large, the actions on the dice are performed.

Once a player has three buns in the same color, these buns may be placed on this player’s board and these buns are “safe”. Beware of the gray buns, though. These fish heads stink and ruin sets. The grey buns will be placed next to your grand unsecured set of buns and as soon as a fourth bun enters the set, you will unfortunately have to discard this set. So try to get rid of these grey buns as soon as possible.

Nice Buns is a very simple game. Choosing and distributing the dice is a very nice mechanic combined with take-that actions, ensures a lot of interaction between the players. With 15 minutes the game is played very quickly and therefore is suitable for even the youngest of players. Beware though: during a game of Nice Buns you will crave for some steamed buns…

What do the others thinks?

“Wonderfully upbeat theme. You can be very tactical by getting in the way of the other player(s) and by making your own plan. The game is super simple to learn and play.”


“Who will outsmart the others? Take-that with a twist!”