Review: Magic Money (Indie Boards & Cards) – English

What would you do if you were a magician with infinite money and too much time? Bid on magical creatures of course! Money doesn’t matter, unless you’re the greediest, because as famous poet and social philosopher The Notorious B.I.G. once said, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems! In Magic Money, an auction game from Indie Boards & Cards, the money literally grows on trees and the bids are out of thin air, because you can bid as high as you like. Will you win the most creatures or will you have to cook your accounts?

In Magic Money, each player gets an account with a public and a secret side. On this, players keep track of what they bid on the magic creatures during the auction. After a public starting bid (made by the starting/active player), the other players may bid in secret. Players may bid as much or as little as they wish. The player with the highest bid wins the auctioned magic creature and writes the winning bid on the public side of his or her accounts. The other bidding players write their bids on the secret side. The winning player takes the magic creature and then makes the starting bid (one tenth less than the winning bid of the previous round) for the next round. The game continues until all creatures are auctioned.

Creatures score points at the end of the game and may also have special abilities that allow you to falsify your or someone else’s accounts. The player with the most points wins, but the player who has bid the most fictitious money during the game is eliminated and can kiss victory goodbye!

Magic Money is a funny party and auction game with a surprising twist. Since players can bid as high or as low as they want, the game can go anywhere. You can stir each other up by bidding either very high or very low. Sometimes the influence you have on the whole process feels a bit limited, but the short playing time should not spoil the fun.