Review: King of Tokyo Dark Edition (iello games) – English

Of course you know Godzilla, the big fire-breathing lizard starring the famous Japanese apocalypse films with the same name produced by Toho and more recently Warner Bros. Did you know that besides Godzilla there are a whole bunch of other ‘Kaiju’ monsters who all fight for the supremacy over Tokyo (poor Tokyo)?

In King of Tokyo, designed by Richard Garfield, non-Godzilla-copyrighted monsters, not-King Kong, aliens and giant robots battle each other to become the sole ruler of this metropolis. Can you defeat the other monsters, or will you run away with your tail between your legs?

King of Tokyo is a tactical dice game in which you try to occupy Tokyo for as long as possible and resist attacks from other monsters outside the city center. The longer you occupy the city, the more victory points you get.

Based on up to three times rolled dice, you can collect energy and also victory points. In addition, you can also collect attacks with your throw, so that you can bombard other monsters. We affectionately call these attacks “dealing blows”.

With energy, you can collect special cards that allow you to perform certain actions or make your monster even stronger. Think of something as ordinary as an extra die to roll, but laser beams and a mechasuit also come to mind!

If you think Kaiju’s are way cooler than the humans in monster movies, don’t hesitate to take on the role of a big lizard, mega-alien or mecha in King of Tokyo. Anyone reading this: go to war against such beast – well, the other beasts! 🐉

The pictures are from the (even cooler) Dark Edition!