Review: Heat Heavy Rain (Days of Wonder) – English

In Heat, players tear through the corners and try to get the most out of their car without overheating the engine. During the races in Mexico and Japan, rain is predicted and players face additional challenges and opportunities. Will you switch to inters or full wets? Can you cool down or will the heat and rain be too much in Heat Heavy Rain?

Is it already time to roll into the pit lane for an update to the car? An expansion set is perhaps the board game equivalent of a mid Seaside upgrade to a Formula One car. After developing the car, you start the next step in hopes of making it better, faster, stronger and more durable. Often it delivers some extra performance, but sometimes it is not a success. Heavy Rain is an upgrade that delivers pole position.

Included with the expansion is an extra car, player board and cards so a seventh player can participate in a race. As we all know, races like Heat are most fun with enough players, and with seven players, Heat is extra exciting. While the FOM did not approve of Andretti Cadillac’s participation, thankfully Days of Wonder managed to get it right.

In addition to additional parts for the seventh car, two additional tracks have also been added, with water in particular playing a clear role in Japan. As the name of the expansion rather explicitly implies, heavy rain plays an important role. There are also new upgrade cards for additional features and some other modules that you can easily add.

Heat is one of the best and most accessible racing games as far as I’m concerned. Heavy Rain adds components that put the game even higher in the rankings.