Review: Crime Zoom (Lucky Duck Games) – English

“Hmmm… On this surveillance camera we can only see a glimpse of the perpetrator…” “Zoom in and enhance. Look there! He’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison!” Although in Crime Zoom, a series of crime games from Lucky Duck Games, you will zoom in on the small details of a murder case (or perhaps other kind of cases in future entries in the series), no unrealistic CSI scenes here. Can you crack the case or will you miss the important details?

Crime Zoom is a crime game that fits in your pocket. A pile of cards make up the game: the locations, the evidence, the characters and the story. The game itself can be described as an interactive story, where by inspecting cards more closely, you may unlock more information and cards. At the end of the game (as soon as you think you have enough information, or if you work with an optional timer) you are presented with a number of questions. The more questions you manage to answer with the correct facts, the more points you get. You also get points for cards you have not turned over/used during the game. This way you can play this one-off crime game competitively by lending it to friends and comparing scores!

Crime Zoom is a fun activity to fill an hour during an evening – I must confess that I easily played the two Crime Zoom games within an hour. I did play solo. The maximum of 6 players indicated on the box seems a bit ambitious to me. I think the game is best played solo or with two players. You can of course pass the game to compare scores. This makes the number of players almost infinite. The competitive edge is a nice twist, but you secretly want to see all the cards. Dilemmas. Maybe first wean yourself off your score and then look at all the cards? A fun activity for amateur detectives and lovers of escape rooms and crime games to play on the couch!