Review: Coldest Night (Indie Boards & Cards) – English

Unleash your inner pyromaniac and set fire to anything you can find to warm your heart. Will you survive the Coldest Night by Indie Boards & Cards? Is the game a chilly affair or is it on fire?

It is the coldest night of all time. You are snowed in, your shelter has partially collapsed and the heating and other utilities have failed. To survive the night, you must keep warm. Take everything that is flammable and try to keep the fire going. Old diaries, antique furniture, nostalgic toys filled with memories? No burning matter! Just throw it on the pile, because everything will go up in flames and everything must go! Setting everything on fire will not get you out of the proverbial fire and into the frying pan, because the fire will go out at a furious pace and you cannot just throw objects on the fire. In addition, the cold may get the better of you…

In Coldest Night, a cooperative game that can also be played solo, you can collect items (cards) in one turn or throw items (cards) on the fire. The fire has to be strong enough to allow you to add items. You can only throw a cabinet on the fire if the fire is big enough. There can only be a maximum of four cards in the fire, and after a turn the right card disappears from the fire. Large objects may temporarily make the fire larger, but the fire extinguishes just as quickly. Some cards have positive or negative effects on the course of the game. So play your cards wisely.

Are there too few cards in the fire? Then the active player suffers from frostbite. These are negative effects that continue while the player is too cold. So quickly rekindle the fire.

Coldest Night reminds me a bit of games like Tranquility, The Game of The Mind. Cards must be played smartly and the game is won when enough cards have been played. So it is a race against time to survive the night. I really like the theme of the game and it is fun to play as a solo challenge, but it lacks variation. The theme is on fire, but the game might fizzle out after a while.