Review: Cat Lady (AEG) – English

It’s time to hoard fluffy friends in this kitty cat card game for cat people. In Cat Lady, you try to collect and feed as many cats as possible (of course…) in order to get the most victory points. Do you have the most cats, a well-stocked pantry filled with with cans for cat food connoisseur, several cat toys and enough catnip to make many a drug dealer jealous? Then you are the most powerful cat person and a lion among cats!

In Cat Lady, players take turns collecting a number of cards. A grid of 3 x 3 cards is laid out on the table. Players choose a row or column from the grid and take all the cards. But watch out! A nasty cat keeps guard and has its eyes fixated on the players and if this cat (represented by a cute meeple) is standing in front of a row or column, you may not take any cards from that row or column. After you have taken cards, the row or column is replenished and the cat meeple moves to the new row or column. As the Dutch would say: When the cat’s away, the mice will dance on the table!

There are different types of cards to collect. Cats are placed directly in front of you and these cats will score points at the end of the game if fed or minus points if they are hungry. Food cards are exchanged for cubes (kibble? cubelle?) to feed your cats. Each cat card shows which food Fluffy or Felix likes to get. There are also cat toys to collect. The more different toys a player has collected in his or her hand at the end of the game, the more points they will catnap. With catnip, you can earn bonus points for your cats, but you must have enough catnip to go around. With the spray bottle you can chase the cat meeple to another column or row to block a move of another player or to claim a better row/column.

Unfortunately there are also missing cat cards. By collecting and exchanging these cards, you can adopt cats from the shelter. What a cool cat you are!

Cat Lady is a simple and fast paced card game in which players can behave in a catlike manner. By claiming the right cards, you can score lots of points, but don’t be too greedy: if you collect too many cats and too little food, you might get more demerits than you bargain for. You can annoy each other by claiming cards that other players need. This makes it a nice short game with a high level of interaction and a must for many cats. Purrrrrfect!