Review: Blackform insert & accessories – English

Some games have almost too many components. These parts are mostly essential to the gaming experience, but can be overwhelming. Overwhelming for new players, but also for experienced players. You might rather choose to play an organised game with slightly fewer parts during your game night. Setting up and putting away some games sometimes takes so long that it can spoil the fun. In that case, it does not matter whether you have neatly distributed all the components in all the plastic baggies provided with the game. Even more so: it may take you even longer to clset up your game as you also have to pull the components out of all the bags.

Baggies or sauce cups as a component storage solution are not always practical or pretty. Nor do they always ensure that your game is set up quickly. Blackform offers a lightweight solution for storing and setting up games.

Blackform makes vacuum-formed inserts, trays and trays from durable plastics, making these inserts, thin, sturdy and extra light. Because these are vacuum-formed black trays, it seems as if the system should always have been present in the original game box (similar to the GameTrayz inserts or trays you often find in Deluxe editions of some games). It makes you wonder why more publishers don’t collaborate with parties such as Blackform.

Czech Games Edition publishes games with many components that are highly necessary for gaming enjoyment. CGE very deliberately does not offer an organiser solution itself apart from the pouches, so players can choose their preferred solution themselves. Blackform has a very good solution for both Arnak and Starship Captains published by CGE. 

The insert for Arnak from Blackform is almost perfect. There is room for both the base game and the expansion. In addition, there is space so you can sleeven your cards. All game components have their own spot, so during a trip to game night, everything stays in the right place and so you can easily set up a game Arnak, without having to go through a whole expedition to find the right game component. 

The Blackform insert for Starship Captains has space for every component (although a few different crew members have to share a tray together like stowaways on a spaceship). No man overboard though. For Starship Captains, in addition to a specially designed tray for the cards, ships and boards, Blackform also uses their ‘modular’ tidying solution: the Blackbox Hydra. 

In addition to the inserts, Blackform also offers the Blackbox One and the Blackbox Hydra. These are ‘generic’ trays that you can use for the common sizes of game boxes. The Blackbox Hydra is a tray consisting of 5 separate sub-trays and a lid. The Hydra fits perfectly in standard sized game boxes of about 30 x 30 cm or larger. Both the One and the Hydra are also great to use during the game to sort different parts. 

Blackform inserts (including the One and the Hydra) are a fantastic, light, sturdy, simple and relatively inexpensive product. The trays fit perfectly into the original game boxes and look like they have always been an inseparable part of the box.