Showcase: Feldherr Game Accessories – English

Seasoned miniature gamers, wargamers or painters of miniatures are probably already familiar with Feldherr. Feldherr has been praised for its storage solutions, boxes and bags made of foam specifically aimed at collectors (of, for example, model making) and players of games with (painted) miniatures, so that they can safely and neatly store or move their hobby to their next hobbyist meeting or grandiose gaming session. There are many hobbies and types of games and therefore Feldherr also has a large selection of different products for different needs. Meanwhile, Feldherr also has a whole range of accessories available for board games!

The ’traditional’ Feldherr product is the ‘foam’ to secure your figurines. I first came across Feldherr when I was looking for a solution to safely transport my small army of spaceships for Star Wars X-Wing. Soon in my search I came across Feldherr. This company had some compact boxes with a magnetic closure and foam so you could customise the inside of the box to suit your needs. 

They also offer similar solutions for board games with a lot of (painted) miniatures like Blood Rage and also wargames like Warhammer and even role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Many gamers, like myself, put a lot of effort into painting their miniatures and you want to safeguard your paintwork. It would be a shame if the paintwork crumbles despite the layer of varnish, or if the figures are damaged in some other way by rattling loose, along with other parts, in the box. Thanks to the foam, the figures have a soft and also safe surface to rest upon. 

In the meantime, Feldherr has also been putting their 3D printers to good use. As a result, they offer even more different products. Think, for example, of organisers for your paints, but also inserts for board games and even dice towers. In the images, you will find pictures of the, in my opinion, underrated game Nidavelir. Feldherr allowed me to test this product for you. The game itself does not come with a storage solution, so you are mostly at the mercy of various plastic baggies. Because of the loose parts and cards, the coin holder of the game can damaged rather quickly. With Feldherr’s insert, all parts (and even the parts of the expansion not even shown in the photos) have their own spots in the game box. All starting coins are thus already neatly sorted and the box is a lot sturdier. The insert is printed with a lightweight plastic, so the extra weight of the insert is minimal to negligible.

Feldherr also offers various other accessories for board games such as rubber bands for around your game box (so that the bottom and lid are easily held together) and various trays for sorting game pieces during a gaming session. Thanks to Feldherr, we are also able to introduce you to the ‘shells’ to sort different components and place them on the table within reach. In the pictures, you can see the deluxe coponents from the game Flamecraft. The different colours of these Feldherr trays make it very clear which part is in the tray, and it brightens up the table. 

Feldherr offers solutions and accessories for a lot of different players and hobbyists. If you want to see for yourself what Feldherr has to offer, visit as soon as possibly. With the discount code DICEDAN you even get 5 euros off an order with a minimum order value of 50 euros. This discount code is valid until March 31, 2023.