Showcase: Blackbeard’s Compass (EscapeWelt) – English

Edward “Blackbeard” Teach was a legendary pirate central to many stories about pirates and their treasures. As everyone knows, many pirates knew how to creatively hide their treasure and it was by no means always as simple as “X marks the spot.

Blackbeard’s Compass is EscapeWelt’s new wooden escape puzzle and, as the name suggests, is inspired by this infamous pirate. Players try to solve the puzzle to find the legendary compass of the infamous Blackbeard.

We previously wrote about EscapeWelt puzzles, but in case you’re not familiar with them: these are wooden puzzle boxes where players solve riddles to slowly open the puzzle box. Players discover codes, hints and keys to overcome the puzzle.

Blackbeard’s Compass is a very thematic puzzle box. It contains a lot of new elements that we personally have not encountered before in similar puzzle boxes such as puzzles with ropes, treasure maps and other thematic elements. Therefore, for enthusiasts, this is another delightful challenge. Will you find the treasure or will the solution escape you?

Currently available via crowdfunding at @escapewelt.