Review: Yu-Ca-Tan (moses. Verlag) – English

Yucatan is a province in Mexico with a rich Mayan history. Yu-Ca-Tan is the name of a simple and fast dice game by Tuckers Fun Factory. Who has the most luck?

In Yu-Ca-Tan, players earn points by betting on one of the point cards and by throwing 12 dice. In the centre of the table, 14 cards are laid out in a circle. These cards represent ways to collect points with the dice. A player can earn points by rolling specific numbers, odd or even numbers, colours or shapes.

At the beginning of a turn, the active player chooses one of the pie charts to determine how this player might earn points from this roll. The 12 dice are rolled and the dice that meet the condition of the card can be set aside by the player to score points. Cards score 1, 2 or 3 points per die. After the player has rolled, he can decide to stop or continue with the remaining dice. If a player stops, the points are awarded. If a player continues, the player chooses a new piece. If a player decides to continue, but on a subsequent roll does not meet the condition of the chosen card, then this player is finished and receives zero points.

Yu-Ca-Tan is an extremely simple dice game that focuses mainly on luck. Players try their luck to earn as many points as possible. Do you take a lot of risk and keep going or do you play safe and stop in time? Yu-Ca-Tan is therefore a simple and quick game to play at the end of the evening.