Review: Tribes of the Wind (La Boîte de Jeu) – English

Today we dive into the world of Tribes of the Wind: a board game that takes us into a post-apocalyptic society where we restore our civilization and balance nature. Tribes of the Wind is a game that caught my attention because of the beautiful design and aesthetics of the cards. But what caught my attention even more was the focus on restoring the environment.

In this game, players are challenged to counter the effects of devastating pollution and rebuild our world in harmony with nature. A noble endeavor, if you ask me.


Tribes of the Wind is a strategic board game for 2 to 5 players, with a playing time of about 40 to 90 minutes. In the game, players assume the role of brave wind riders trying to save the world after a devastating disaster. Using cards and making certain choices, it is up to you to rebuild civilization and restore nature to harmony.

At the start of the game, each player is given their own board on which they represent their tribe. The board consists of different terrain tiles, on which players can build their villages and perform different actions. In addition, each player has a personal tableau with character boards, goal cards and a set of unique element cards.


The game proceeds in rounds, with each player taking turns to perform an action. There are three main actions that players can choose:

Playing elements

Each player has a hand of element cards, with these cards representing the four different elements: water, fire, wind and nature. By playing an element card, players can perform specific actions associated with the elements on the card played and their fellow players’ cards. This creates interaction and strategic decisions, as players must plan which element cards to play and which actions to activate.

Building temples

Players have the option of discarding three cards from their hand to build a temple. Building a temple not only earns extra points, but also provides a recovery mechanism that allows players to renew their hand if they do not have the right cards to perform actions.

Building villages

By removing their riders from a terrain tile, players can build villages. Villages not only earn points, but also give players additional action options and goal cards. When a player builds his or her fifth village, the end of the game is triggered and all players complete one final round.

In addition to the main actions, there are also goal cards available for players to collect throughout the game. These goal cards require specific arrangements of terrain tiles on the board and can give players immediate benefits or extra points at the end of the game. This adds a strategic element to the game, as players must decide whether to use the goal cards immediately or save them for the final score.


Tribes of the Wind is a game that certainly deserves appreciation for its focus on environmental protection and restoring our world. The beautiful design and interesting game mechanics add to the overall experience. However, the game has some imbalances and design flaws that can interfere with the gaming experience. In particular, the asymmetrical characters and limited replayability are aspects that can be disappointing due to some imbalance.

Nonetheless, I recommend that everyone give this game a chance, especially if you are interested in environmental protection themes. It can be a refreshing addition to your board game collection. So let the wind guide you as you explore this game and enjoy the adventure to restore our world!

May the wind always blow in your favor!