Review: Super Cats

SU-PER-CATS! Super Cats is a new party game from @WhiteGoblinGames in which all players try to be the first to transform into Super Cat by putting their fingers in the air and shouting Su-per-cats at the same time! I haven’t laughed as much while playing a fast party game in a long time as I did while playing Super Cats!

Can the Super Cats protect the cat food factory from the infamous Robodog? The game plays two phases. In the first phase, players first try to change their 5 cats into Super Cats. Players do this by simultaneously putting their fingers (0-5) in the air. The highest unique number wins, allowing the winner to change a cat into a Super Cat and possibly apply a different effect (e.g. change an opponent’s Super Cat back into a normal cat or use 2 hands in the next round). The winner of the first phase takes on Robodog in the second phase. The losers of phase 1 take on the role of Robodog. The Super Cat player wins if Robodog loses all his lives. The Robodog player wins when all Super Cats are turned back into normal cats. As in phase 1 all players raise their fingers at the same time, where the amount of fingers of the Super Cats player (if unique) determines how many lives Robodog loses or the number of Robodog players that raises an equal amount of fingers as the Super Cats player determines how many Super Cats change back.

I would describe the game as a hectic bluffing game. Taking actions and raising fingers at the same time creates hilarious moments. Think of the situation where player X is obliged to raise 2 fingers in the next round and other players forget due to the frenzy. Or players that are allowed to play with two hands confuse their own brain in such a way that they raise an illogical amount of fingers.

Super Cats combines two fun themes: cats and superheroes (comic book heroes, power rangers, sailor moon and more). We also laughed at determining which cats would suit each player best. Fun for partying and between the more serious games. Su-per-Cats!