Review: Raiders of the North Sea

Sharpen your axe and grab your shield, because we’re going to loot in the North Sea! Raiders is a challenging worker placement board game with a Viking theme. Just like Architects, this game was designed by Shem Philips.

Raiders is a game where you have to place workers (vikings) to perform actions. The unique thing about Raiders is that you don’t have your own vikings, but share these meeples (in black, grey or white) with other players. Each turn you place your Viking in the village to work (perform an action) and take another Viking from the village for the corresponding action. Or you can use your Viking to rob and plunder an area, taking a new Viking that was already there (without a second action). Certain actions can only be performed with a certain Viking colour, so you have to plan well.

For raids you also need the right crew, resources and supplies. Do you get the most points? Then you’ll have made the most impression on the jarl and you’ll win the game.

This game deserves a place in Valhalla. Like Architects, Raiders is beautifully illustrated and a unique elaboration of a worker placement game.