Review: Power Hungry Pets (Exploding Kittens) – English

You are probably familiar with the card game Exploding Kittens where once in a while a bomb goes off and players try to make each other explode by using all kinds of action cards. You are probably also familiar with the card game Love Letter where players try to woo a princess by using actions from their cards to take out the other players. Two popular short card games come together in this fledgling love. Is this game the bomb?

Power Hungry Pets is a combination between the game mechanics of Love Letter with the illustrations, humor and goofiness of Exploding Kittens. Fortunately, even for players who have never played Love Letter before, I can keep it short, as the game is very simple to explain and easy to pick up.

At the beginning of the game, all cards are shuffled and a single closed card is set aside (unless you’re only playing with two players, but it’s about getting the general idea…). Each player receives a card. During a turn, you take a card from the central pile and play one of the two cards in hand open in front of you.

Each card one effect. Some cards occur more often than others. The nice thing about Power Hungry Pets is that compared to the regular Love Letter, some cards that have been added come with the expected Exploding Kittens flair. It’s still a fun card game with artwork that will appeal to a lot of players, and it’s nice that there are plenty of new types of cards.