Review: Jaws the Board Game (Ravensburger)

You won’t get thrown in the deep end in this razor-sharp hunting game!

In Jaws, based on the eponymous classic of Steven Spielberg, one player takes the role of the bloodthirsty Jaws, and the other players (or player) the human protagonists.

In the first phase, the finny #sharkhas to eat as many swimmers as possible while the other team tries to catch the shark and rescue the swimmers. Where the shark is, only the shark knows and the other team has to fish for information to catch the shark. As soon as the shark has eaten 9 swimmers or when the heroes have attached 2 barrels to the shark the next phase starts.

The second phase takes place on the boat the ‘Orca’. The shark now tries to kill the heroes or destroy the boat completely. The heroes in turn try to rid the world of the evil shark. They do this with guns, harpoons and bats. Again, the players do not know exactly where the shark will appear. Every turn there are three possible locations and the players have to be #tactical which location they will attack.

Nice is that you can also play each phase of the game as a stand-alone #game. So you actually get 2 #boardgames in 1 box.

Jaws is a #catandmousegame with hidden information similar to Scotland Yard, #lettersfromwhitechapel or #misterx. The #movie is very well incorporated in the game and a lover will recognize a lot of details as well. The game is therefore thematically very strong. Chasing each other in the game is amazingly exciting and the choices of the players are often frighteningly surprising. The game has therefore positively surprised me. The game board, however, could have been a bit larger as far as I was concerned.

In short: a game to bite in to!