Review: Get It! (KENDi) – English

Leering or staring at your fellow players in the hope that they will make a certain move has been tried by every player at one time or another. Sometimes a single glance is enough to make someone act. In Get It! the whole game revolves around peering, staring, watching or glancing in the hope that your fellow players (and yourself) play the right cards in the right order. Do you understand? Have you figured it out that you have to play a card? Do you see us looking at you? Get It?

Get It! is sort of an offspring of The Game (by the same designer), The Mind and Hanabi. As with the aforementioned games, players try to play cards in order, without making mistakes by relying on each other and their intuition. As in Hanabi, however, players cannot see which card they are holding in front of them. Add to this a 60-second timer and you have got Get It! Got it?

Depending on the level, players are given a number of cards. Players sort these cards from high to low based on their depicted value and place a pile of cards face down in front of them with low card on top and the highest card at the bottom. Each player passes their pile to the next player. Everyone simultaneously turns open the top card of the pile so that other players can see it, but not the relevant player himself. Players now all try to get the player with the lowest card to play it, by looking intensely at that player.

Get it? It sounds simple but it is difficult to keep an eye on all the players at the table, because you may be the player with the lowest card, but you are too busy looking at another player. You only have 60 seconds, and in a minute you can make a lot of worse decisions. Each level, an unexpected element is also added in the form of special cards that players will draw through the draw pile. These player cards always count as the lowest card, but players must instead of looking, for example, smile or look differently to make sure another player will play a card.

Get it! is a fun cooperative game that will produce fun situations due to the chaos, making it suitable short party game for a relatively small group of players. Get It! is unexpectedly challenging due to the time pressure and the special cards.