Review: Genius Star (Smart Games) – English

Do you prefer to do some quiet puzzling on your own or engage in a frantic duel between two combative players? In Genius Square and Genius Star, both are possible. All set in the STARting position? Go!

FINISHED! In the Genius puzzle games by Smart Games, a combination of dice, a tableau, cubes and puzzle pieces provide almost endless puzzle fun. Roll the dice, place the small uncoloured or white cubes on the correct numbers on the tableau and now try to complete the rest of the tableau with the remaining pieces.

In Genius Star, there are all different coloured puzzle pieces, so it is already quite challenging to place them correctly on the tableau. Players will be fitting and measuring, weighing and, of course, falling and standing to place the pieces. Looking for more of a challenge? Then they can apply difficulty levels. Depending on the difficulty level, certain pieces are not allowed to touch each other.

The best thing about Genius Square and Genius Star is that you can have a real battle between two players. A Genius game contains two sets of puzzle pieces, cubes and tableaux. Roll the dice and try to be the first to solve the puzzle.

The Genius system is ingenious and always contains at least one correct solution. Because the dice determine on which squares cubes are placed, the game is almost infinite fun.