Review: Dungeon Mayhem (Wizards of the Coast) – English

A kind of Super Smash Bros, but without Final Destination and without items, but with cards? Are you looking for a nice simple ‘brawler’ that you can easily take to friends? Are you not averse to a bit of fantasy? Are you a huge fan of smooth and mean card games and/or Dungeons and Dragons? Then D&D Dungeon Mayhem is definitely for you.

In this Dungeons and Dragons version of bullying – and now a real series of card games: the Mayhem card games that you can easily combine with other variants! – each player chooses a character with a unique deck of cards. For the base game, you can choose from a number of stereotypical classes such as a paladin, in the Baldurs Gate expansion a pair of characters from this world.

In the case of Monster Madness, they are D&D monsters with a hilarious twist, such as an Owlbear working in the circus. The characters all have 10 hit points, can do damage, raise protection, draw cards and heal. Depending on your choice of character, you get your own mix of the aforementioned abilities. For example: the ‘Mind Flayer’, for example, is very powerful with inflicting damage, but has little protection. In addition, each character has two unique abilities listed on some cards, which are extra powerful actions that lead to special effects. For example, think about damaging everyone, trading cards or bashing through protection.

Oh yes, before I forget. The game is simple: draw those cards and at the beginning of your turn draw an extra one and play one (unless your card says you may play more). Last person standing wins! It can be that simple.

D&D Dungeon Mayhem is a simple, ingenious and intuitive card game that can be put on the table quickly and doesn’t take too long. Highly recommended!

PS: The base game can easily be combined with, among others, the Baldur’s Gate expansion or the Monster Madness box (which you can also play separately)! Fate spins along as it should…