Review: Chicken vs Hotdog (Big Potato Games) – English

Time for a party game! Are you going to coop like a champ during a hen party? Or is going to turn out to be a real sausage party? In Chicken vs Hotdog by Big Potato Games, two teams (Team Chicken and Team Hotdog) battle it out for the ultimate honour as king of your party! Is it “clucking awesome”?

The game is throwing bottles (not spinning!!!) but with a twist! One team gets a blue chicken and the other a red hot dog. These illustrious objects (that might seem familiar) each have a suction cup and you can throw them as if they were bottles filled with a little bit of water. Each team also gets a set of cards that they have to lay out which also depicts their oblong object of choice like a puzzle on the table. At the start of the game, these cards are still lying face-up with their grey sides. By completing (or not losing) challenges, a team may turn over one of their cards. The team that manages to turn over all the cards first wins.

Each round a challenge card is turned over showing a challenge and the maximum number of attempts a team has to complete the task. Consider tasks such as “Make the object turn exactly two circles during your throw (two attempts)” or “Throw it over your shoulder so that it lands upright (three attempts)”. Teams then bid with cards how much they would like to complete this challenge. The highest bidder gets to complete the challenge. Does the team win the challenge? Then they get to turn over one of the five chicken or hot dog cards. Does the team lose? The first team to complete five challenge wins Chicken vs Hotdog and are the absolute coolest guests of the party.

Chicken vs Hotdog is a very light-hearted party game with funny challenges. It’s definitely fun for four players (teams of two, that is), but also for just two players and probably for larger (inebriated) team and also the very young ones. Make sure you have enough space so you don’t accidentally throw the chicken or hot dog through the TV or the precious Christmas china! Bid smartly (e.g. smear your opponent with nasty challenges) and play deftly. May the least clumsy party people win!