Review: Aeon’s End Legacy of Gravehold (Indie Boards & Cards) – English

Gravehold, that magical world of the game Aeon’s End, never has a moment’s rest: new monsters and dangers appear every time. Sometimes these literally fall out of (big and dangerous tears in) the sky. Do you know how to face the new dangers in Aeon’s End Legacy of Gravehold?

One of my favourite deckbuilders is Aeon’s End, a comprehensive, thematic and highly immersive cooperative deckbuilder where players try to protect Gravehold from a common enemy: the nameless. Players start each game with a personal deck of cards with which they will attack monsters and activate effects. As the game progresses, players will buy new cards to improve their draw pile. The monsters come in all shapes and sizes, making every game of Aeon’s End different. Combined with, due to the many expansions, almost infinite combinations of different sets of cards and game options, Aeon’s End gives plenty of gameplay fun. Read more about Aeon’s End in our review of the base game.

In addition to the great and varied base game, there is also Aeon’s End Legacy. As the name suggests, this is a Legacy variant of Aeon’s End. Players will play a campaign with permanent effects. Players apply stickers and create a personalised game experience and story. Unlike many other Legacy games, you can play AEL as many times as you like and even combine it with all the other Aeon’s End sets and expansions. We also already wrote a review of AEL. After the successful first Legacy game, a second set is now available.

Aeon’s End: Legacy of Gravehold is the second legacy game in the world of Aeon’s End. Only Legacy of Gravehold promises to do everything bigger and better than the first part. It did! A bigger box, more secretive envelopes, more cards, more different gameplay, more enemies, more characters and a lot more stickers…. almost too much to mention! Legacy of Gravehold has a deeper, more immersive story with branching paths, making the experience even more personal. After each game, players receive experience that they can then spend them on enhancement stickers, which, along with player cards, allow players to become more powerful. However, not only do players get stronger, but opponents get stronger and stronger with each battle… Legacy of Gravehold is more complex and even more immersive than Aeon’s End Legacy.