Product review: Star Wars Deckbuilding Game & Dice Coasters – English

It may not be a rational problem, but many board players undoubtedly suffer from it: picking up cards from a hard surface such as a solid wood tabletop. You’ve just polished your nails or got a new set of those fancy fake nails – it’s virtually impossible to pick up the cards! Who doesn’t recognize this problem?

When I think of play mats, I largely think of trading card games like Magic the Gathering. Playing mats were almost a necessity, as they provided a clear place to place a cards, an extra bit of protection for the cards and a way to express yourself.

A gaming mat can greatly enrich your playing experience because of its usability. You can cover your game table with a nice matching mat with your own design so that the game takes a nice and personal place on the table. This way, players can easily move all the components around.

In addition to a game mat being simply beautiful and user-friendly, there are a lot of different types of game mats you can find. Some games even have unique game mats, making the game setup and game play even smoother. For example, how about the card game Star Wars the Deckbuilding game? Wouldn’t you like to have the perfect game mat for that, with space (pun!) for all the cards including the cards players play during their turn? Lucky you! is a company that produces such mats. The company from Poland has been laying out its mat in the games industry for several years and has a lot of experience selling all sorts of play mats to players. Think a cards or play mats for wargames or role-playing games, the aforementioned table-top play mats (with (their own) designs that make your wildest dreams come true) and also unique play mats for different games.

Playmats allowed me to test their Star Wars the Deckbuilding mat and I am impressed. The quality of the mat is exactly what you expect from Playmats. Sturdy rubber bottom, a soft top that cards slide smoothly over and a crisp print. This mat includes room for all different types of cards and parts.

In addition to playing mats, Playmats also makes other accessories. Think of dice trays of the same material as the playmats, as well as grounds for RPGs and wargames. So you can decorate the table and immerse yourselves in the fantastic game world. In addition to these accessories, Playmats has also created fun coasters in the shape of polydice dice. Very fun to use during a D&D session!