Review: The Crew (999 Games)

The Crew literally feels like a journey to a new planet. A lot feels the same, but the surroundings are very different.

The Crew is a cooperative trick taking game in which players travel together to the ninth planet. How does a cooperative trick taking game work? Players have to win as many ’tricks’ as possible by playing the highest card of a certain colour in a game such as Fox in the Forest, Claim, or Wizard. This is often accompanied by a certain bluff element or special powers for the necessary variation. In The Crew, however, players work together. Together they have to make sure that the right player wins at the right moments. However, they can only communicate with each other to a limited extent, similar to The Mind. This is a very nice variation on the concept of a trick taking game. In addition, The Crew contains a campaign of 50 games in which players play an exciting story together. Each contains a new element and introduces new rules. This keeps the game refreshing. You can play the campaign as often as you like and new campaigns are also available online (for free). This small compact box contains a lot of fun!

The Crew surprised me enormously. While I’m writing this, I want to play it again. The cooperative element of this game in combination with the campaign is addictive. Not unimportant: the artwork is beautiful and colourful and the theme (the space) appeals to me. Small point of criticism are the rules. These could have been a bit clearer, but as a lawyer I have no right to complain about this.