Review: Cockroach Poker (999 Games)

ut on your pokerface in Cockroach Poker! In this fast-paced card game you try to trick the other players by bluffing and deviously serving them cards. But beware: the other players are only too happy to deceive you also… In this game you play with cards depicting different sets of pests. Each player gets a handful of cards and tries to give these cards to the other players. If a player gives (or passes on) a card, he has to tell what is depicted on the card. However, the player may deceive and bluff. A player can passes a received card on to another player or indicate whether the other player is bluffing or telling the truth. Does this player guess wrong? Then he must put down the card in front of him, otherwise the other player must put down the card in front of him. If a player has four cards in front of him, he has lost. Gambling only has losers and so does Cockroach Poker. There are no winners!

Cockroach Poker is an amazingly good game in a small box. The cards are of inferior quality. However, that shouldn’t spoil the fun. The game is fast and with the right players sly and exciting. The fun of the game does depend on the players. If you have a group of players who don’t know each other too well and have trouble reading other players’ minds, Cockroach Poker will not be your game. I love to set this game up on the table and it’s in my personal top ten.