Review: Catapult Feud (Vesuvius Media) – English

Building and demolition, two hugely fun activities you probably did many times during your childhood. Combine these together in a game and you have a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

I used to play mainly with Lego, but some childhood friends had castles with trebuchets (ballistas didn’t enter the room!), cannons, crossbows and other objects to fire rubber balls to destroy castle walls and shoot dolls off the roof.

Catapult Kingdoms / Catapult Feud is a game inspired by such playsets of the past. Players build their castles, place their dolls, set up their weapons, shuffle their personal deck of cards and the shooting can begin.

Each turn you fire your catapult, but with special cards and expansions you may have more weapons at your disposal. Shoot the other player’s puppets to smithereens and you win. Fun fun, easy to play with, and medievally beautiful!