Review: Blue Banana

“Huh, a blue banana and a yellow whale?! That’s not right!” Blue Banana by Wolfgang Warsch (known from a.o. The Mind, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Brikks) is a funny reaction game in the streets of Halli Galli, Dobble and Jungle Speed.

On each card is a picture on the front and on the back. The colours are swapped on each picture. For example, on the front is a red frog and on the back is a green strawberry. Of course those colours must be the other way around. On the table 8 stacks of cards are laid open. Next, 2 random cards are laid open from the draw pile. Players must now simultaneously take cards from the 8 stacks that match the “incorrect” pictures or colors of the 2 face-up cards as quickly as possible. This way you can score points.

Example: the two cards that are revealed are an orange banana and a purple top hat. Players now have to take cards with a basketball (because they are supposed to be orange) or an eggplant (because they are purple) as soon as possible. Or a card with a yellow colour (bananas are yellow) or a black colour (top hats are black). Are there no cards left open during a round that meet the required characteristics? Then quickly try to take the blue banana! That is a “joker”. The cards you have taken are your points. Have you made any mistakes? Then you must discard any cards you have won. If you were the one who (rightly) took the blue banana, you get two bonus cards. The one with the most cards at the end of 8 rounds wins Blue Banana!

Blue Banana is simple, hectic and requires quick thinking and acting. Beware: if you play too fast, you’ll make quick mistakes. This causes laughter during game nights. Very fun game for in between or parties!