Product showcase: Folded Space inserts for Lacrimosa and Tapestry

Some games do have a lot of different parts. Often many of these parts have specific functions and these parts must be carefully sorted and set up before you can play such a game. One of these games is Lacrimosa. This game contains many unique parts, such as different composers and movements of the music piece and its tiles. Sometimes games do contain an insert, but not a very useful one. Often games have no insert at all. Sometimes the base game of a game comes with a perfectly fine insert, but various game expansions are released that don’t fit into the original insert, leaving you to rely on a chaotic box full of components or separate boxes containing the game and its expansions (and that takes up cabinet space). Folded Space offers solutions against the chaos: faster and more efficient gameplay.

Folded Space

For most frequent players, Folded Space does not need an introduction. The inserts from this company are now well known and loved by players who like a tidy game box. Folded Space’s inserts are made of a lightweight foam similar to foam core. Foam core are foam sheets sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. Folded Space’s material is similar to foam core, but there are some differences. Folded Space calls the material that they use Evacore – a foam made from 75% recycled plastic/plastic on which firm laminated paper is printed for extra strength and for easy assembly.

Foam core is used by many players to make homemade inserts, but designing a suitable insert often takes the most time. Folded Space designs and prints these inserts. Evacore sheets are precisely cut by Folded Space so that the recipient only needs to press out the parts to assemble the insert, while this allows the inserts to be easily sent through the mail.

For some time now, Folded Space offers a storage solution for a whole collection of games. Nowadays, these inserts can even brighten up the game box a bit further. In fact, Folded Space also offers printed inserts with artwork to match the game.

Folded Space inserts: assemble!

How do you assemble a Folded Space insert? Each Folded Space product consists of a number of pre-cut Evacore plates that you receive along with the relevant building instructions. In addition to the relevant building instructions, Folded Space’s website also includes plenty of photos for each product so that you have clear examples while assembling. You can compare crafting an insert to making a simple LEGO set or an IKEA set: just follow the instructions and at the end you will have a usable insert.

The easiest way to assemble inserts is to sort out the parts of a specific segment, assemble them “dry” first, then lay these parts flat net and apply glue to the edges/borders and then press the insert together. This allows you to glue in a fairly fluid motion. With the printed inserts, it is extra important to first assemble the insert “dry” and compare it to the photos on the Folded Space website. These photos provide examples of what the assembled inserts should look like (and whether you have the plates on the right side).

On average, a four-plate insert (usual size) weighs less than 250 grams when the insides are assembled, making the extra weight, unlike wooden insides, for example, very small. The insides of Folded Space are designed so that, if the amount and type of components of a game allow, the insides extend to the lid of the box, keeping components securely in place.


Lacrimosa’s insert offers beautifully illustrated trays for the various components. There is a spot for the different composers and locations so you can easily sort their tiles. The different cards have their own spots and each player gets a tray with his or her game components so you can quickly start the game. The trays with “resources” and money can be placed within easy reach of players during the game.

Once all the trays are in the box, place the player boards and above them the game board and instructions. When everything is packed it sits tightly against the lid, making it easy to store the game vertically as well.


The insert of Tapestry is also a colorful printed insert, making it easy to identify which part should be stored where in the insert. There is room for all the expansions currently available, allowing you to consolidate all the components into a single game box which saves the required space in your closet.

The design of this insert even takes into account players who have printed different feet for the different buildings using a 3D printer. You will receive materials to assemble one of the two variants of the insert.

This insert also has space for all the different parts and specific trays for the different players. Again, the contents sit tightly against lid, and the parts will not fly through the game box if you wish to store the game vertically.


All in all, Folded Space again offers great products to efficiently and easily store and set up your game. The new printed inserts are not only beautiful, but also extra functional.