Product review: House of the Dragon (Escape Welt) – English

Escape Welt have not only created escape rooms, but also challenging wooden puzzles and puzzle boxes made from laser-cut wood. Similar to an escape room, where you must find a way out by solving puzzles, you try to crack and decipher the “locks” of the puzzle by using logic.

 Last year, Escape Welt gave me the opportunity me to try out their Space Box puzzle, in which you try to help an alien cosmonaut. Now I have been given the opportunity to test House of the Dragon. You can currently support this project on IndieGogo.

In House of the Dragon, you will discover centuries-old family secrets contained within a wooden puzzle box that an ancestor left to his family. Each side of the puzzle box contains information to solve and decipher the different puzzles in order to open the various locks and eventually the box itself. By solving one part of the puzzle, you will discover new parts of the box and unlock new puzzles. 

Apart from being a fun puzzle, the puzzle boxes made by Escape Welt can also be used as a nice storage box for your darkest secrets… And, obviously after you have solved the puzzle yourself, you can gift the puzzle box to friends or other loved ones. Fill the box with a nice surprise or message and watch as the recipient struggles to solve the puzzle and look forward to the wonderful surprise when they discover it!