Showcase: Godtear Champions – English

Godtear is a fantastic strategic and tactical game for two players. In this varied fantasy world, diverse champions compete against each other. Combine champions and their followers and create the best army. Below is a small selection of the available champions.

Skullbreaker the Dragon Slayer & Tooth Bearers

Skullbreaker is also known as the dragon slayer. Skullbreaker is an orc so strong that he wields the jawbone (including razor-sharp dragon tooth) of a slain dragon as a weapon. His followers are called the Tooth Bearers: acolytes worthy of receiving a single tooth from his dragon’s jaw as a trophy from Skullbreaker’s many hunting parties.

Skullbreaker is a red slayer class, so with his heavy attacks he is perfect for taking out opponent’s champions. If Skullbreaker manages to get close to the enemy, you can pretty much say goodbye to your champion. Skullbreaker considers offence to be the best form of defence, but his lack of armour sometimes makes him an easy target himself.

Kailinn the Fury of the Forest & Virtues.

Kailinn is a mighty centaur and protector of the forest. She tramples her enemies with unbridled ferocity. Few champions or followers can withstand an attack by Kailinn and her loyal Virtues, the druidic centaurs who accompany her in her quest for divinity.

Kaillinn and her Virtues are large creatures, all of whom can move quickly and deal heavy blows. The Virtues cannot march together as an army, but by cleverly using their special abilities, you can deploy both Virtues at the same time to perform multiple actions individually.

Mournblade the Soulless & Knightshades

Once again, this fallen champion casts a dark shadow over the land of the living. Death is but a minor inconvenience when you have an endless desire for divinity. With a gust of icy wind, this cruel crusader extends his cold claws and lures unsuspecting enemies into his evil grasp.

With an army of skeletons, Mournblade can exert great control over the game board. His minions are collectively strong and individually form an irritating obstacle. What is dead may never die, so the skeletons are easy to defeat, but come back to life just as easily.

Blackjaw the Sweeping Flame & Unburnt Reavers

Blackjaw storms onto the battlefield one with an all-destructive force. Blackjaw’s fiery rage threatens to destroy everything in a highly combustible inferno. Unburnt Reavers, orcs who can withstand the hot flames of their leader, move like wildfire toward their enemies.

Blackjaw is capable of killing many and fast followers of the opponent. His attacks and bursts come with the necessary collateral damage and can defeat large groups of enemies. Fast and flexible, Blackjaw and his minions move across the battlefield.

Helena Inspiration of Hope & Rallied Peasants

Pure of heart, the beloved Helena goes to war with a message not of conquest, but of peace and unity. Wherever this holy quest takes her, rebellious peasants follow her in the hope of a better world.

This Joan of Arc like character is a blue Guardian class and will earn points with the banner. Helena and her army, however, do not have an actual separate banner, and so they rally around Helena as the banner bearer.