Review: Wild Space (Board Game Circus) – English

“Captain’s log, stardate 41153.7. We have been travelling for what feels like an eternity through indomitable and vast black space: Wild Space. In search of new planets, I have tried to assemble the best crew possible. Sometimes it feels like my crew is a scrambled bunch of zoo monkeys. They shit all over the deck and pelt each other, I think. That is, of course, because my crew literally consists of monkeys. And lizards. Bears. Octopuses… How can I ever make this gang of beasts work well together in search of new planets…. Wild Space… Wild animals they meant…”

In Wild Space, you will try to assemble the best crew in just 10 turns. Each turn you take an action by sending your spaceship to a planet. Be careful, some actions can only be taken once due to a space shortage on these planets.

With the actions you can draw and take cards, discard cards, play cards in front of you on a tableau and so on. By playing cards in front of you, you can start collecting and sometimes even take additional actions. Some of these cards will earn you points at the end of the game, but it is especially important to assemble the right crew to earn the most points. Can you tame the wild alien beasts and the vast wild space?

Wild Space is a fantastically elegant game. It plays smoothly and very intuitively. The symbolism is clear and the game play is very straightforward. After only 10 turns, the game is over and you long for more. By making good combos, you can score high and each game therefore feels like a challenge to improve your own score. Because of the different cards, planets and starting positions of players, the game is also very varied and the artwork is literally art. Beastly board game of alien proportions in a small box.