Review: Whirling Witchcraft (AEG) – English

With Whirling Witchcraft, from AEG, we remain in line with the Halloween theme this week. All players take on the role of a bunch of whirling witches and these players who try to get the most ingredients into their drawn in chalk pentagram style witches circle first. How do they do this? By stuffing the cauldrons so full of ingredients so that the other witches can’t use them, of course. Will you pass this potion class or will you fly away scared on your broomstick?

In Whirling Witchcraft, players simultaneously place a recipe card in front of them each round. With recipes, they can transform ingredients from their pantry into other ingredients and place them on their magic cauldron. After players have all made the ingredients they can and want, they pass on their cauldron with their foul brew and cards. The receiving player places the ingredients that are now on the cauldron in his or her supply. If there is no more room to place certain ingredients, the dispensing player gets the excess ingredients back and may place them in his or her Witches Circle. The first player who manages to place 5 ingredients this way, wins!

Whirling Witchcraft is a wonderfully simple game, in which players make combinations to cross each other and dump their ingredients on other players. Make a quick sweep through your pantry or your adversarial witch will walk away with all the flair of magic! Highly recommended for magic lovers, beginners and experienced players to play during Halloween! A game in which witches (the players) can play very (witch)crafty!