Review: What do you Meme? (DGTL Detox) – English

Memes: everyone knows them. Even your mother probably has a few saved on her phone to share with her Facebook friends. Memes are perfect for taking your mind off the daily grind, with hilarious responses to (everyday) situations. 

And that’s exactly what What Do You Meme is: choosing your own meme reaction in response to various situations, à la Cards Against Humanity. The situations are often crude or obscene, so a meme of a rigid Angela Merkel or a running chicken can be perfectly paired with cards like, “When you’re ready to go out but your cell phone only has 6% battery left” or “When the meeting is almost over and someone asks a question that takes 20 minutes to answer.” Like Cards Against Humanity, the game is better the more players you play it with. 

The game also needs no explanation: one player (the jury) chooses one of the meme cards to which the other players must play a situation card, which they think provokes the most hilarious combination. The jury then chooses the best reaction, to determine the winner of that round. In fact, you can keep playing the game as long as you like, so you can take it out for ten minutes, or an hour and a half. 

Best of all, of course, is being able to play the real classics, like Bad Luck Brian, or the smiling girl while the house is on fire in the background. I could have used a few more of those.

The biggest flaw with the game for me is that I played the Dutch language edition. To me, a meme in Dutch just doesn’t feel right. Memes are almost always English, so to use them in response to Dutch texts is really just not right for me. In addition, the image quality of some images sometimes leaves something to be desired (a bit of JPEG), which is a shame. 

All these flavours, and I chose to be salty? Not entirely. There is also an English edition, and based on my experiences I would strongly recommend you to buy this one instead of the other language editions if you are an English preferring meme-queen like me. If you have less problems with your own language, then this problem disappears as fast as you can make a troll face. The game itself is really fun if you like Cards Against Humanity and want to play a meme variation on it. ‘Harold’ therefore gives a ’thumbs up’ nonetheless!

What do the others think?

Do you spend hours looking at memes on social media? With What Do You Meme, you and your friends can test your collective sense of humor without looking at your phone.