Review: Werewolf Daybreak (Ravensburger) – English

The nights are getting shorter and darker, and during a full moon these grim nights even turn bloody. Indeed, the village contains a werewolf and maybe even several, but no one knows who secretly has a fur. Everyone is suspicious and wants to survive. Fortunately, you only have to survive a single night… Who is not alive to witness the break of day?

Everyone knows the classic game Werewolves. Werewolves is a super fun and playful group activity. However, the game has some drawbacks: 1. most players will be civilians (unless a lot of special roles are added), 2. eliminated players don’t play again and that’s a real waste, 3. you always need a very large group and 4. the game can be long-winded. 

1 Night Werewolves by Ravensburger takes Werewolves and solves all these drawbacks. This smooth game lasts only a single night, almost every player has a special role and no one has to watch from the sidelines. After the night, one player dies after a vote by the group. Werewolves win if a citizen dies and no werewolf dies. Civilians win as soon as a werewolf dies. However, special roles cause these basic rules to be turned on their head. Possibly winning in a very unique way and creating stories that players will tell each other for a long time to come.

Each is secretly assigned a role, then everyone goes “to sleep” and in the night some players wake up. A number of players are werewolves and go hunting (mostly) innocent civilians in the night. Other players may be other special roles that can also throw a spanner in the works of the werewolves or other civilians. Dawn offers the necessary new variety in the form of new characters. This makes the game a lot more varied. 

Werewolves Dawn is a standalone expansion to 1 Night Werewolves. You can play this game separately or in combination with the ‘base game’. Werewolves Dawn contains new characters and rules and is actually indispensable if you have the base game or if you don’t have any version yet.