Review: (Ultra) Tiny Epic Galaxies – English

It is not size that matters… Even with the tiniest spaceships you can conquer the universe! In Tiny Epic Galaxies, you try to plunder and colonise planets by using dice and sending your spaceships on an expedition. The prime directive from Star Trek is yours to master! Will you become the new galactic emperor or will you end up as a redshirt?

The Tiny Epic games guarantee full-fledged games with immense and immersive gaming fun in a very small package. Tiny Epic Galaxies already comes in a small box, but you can always go smaller. Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies is a version for the ants among us and perfect to keep in your backpack or handbag for some much needed gaming on the go!

In Galaxies, players roll dice, use those dice for actions and colonise planets to collect points. Will you create an intergalactic hegemony? The dice you have rolled represent actions. With actions you can move ships to planets (face up cards in the centre of the table), collect resources (energy and culture), perform special actions, upgrade your own civilisation and colonise planets.

Each time the active player activates a die to perform an action, other players may follow by spending culture. These players may now also conduct the chosen action. The active player may re-roll dice that have not yet been activated, by investing energy.

By moving ships to planets, you can apply the special actions of the planet or start colonisation. When colonising, you must progress on the colonisation track by activating specific dice. Once a planet is colonised, you place it under your personal tableau and can then use the special actions of these planets for personal gain. Colonised planets also give you points.

Energy and culture can also be used to upgrade your civilisation, allowing you to roll more dice and move more ships. Upgrading your civilisation also earns you points. Once a player reaches 21 points, the round is completed and the game ends. Possibly another player has a trump card, because at the beginning of the game each player gets a goal to fulfil in order to collect some extra points.

(Ultra) Tiny Epic Galaxies is a wonderful game in a small package. It feels like a game you would normally find in a large cardboard box, but a lot more efficient. It is wonderfully elegant and intuitive and the simplest of all the Tiny Epics. A small game of intergalactic proportions!