Review: Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War (Gamelyn Games) – English

Tiny Epic Defenders is a cooperative game in the Tiny Epic series published by Gamelyn games. In Tiny Epic Defenders, the capital city is attacked by various monsters and a great evil. Many bad guys are targeting Augmoore, as there are many bad guys available (all the more in the expansion). Only together (or solo in solo mode) can the monsters be defeated! Each round, a stack (one turn) of cards is worked through by the players. These cards show events such as monster attacks or player turns. During a player turn, players can try to tame these monsters. You should also read the review of the base game!

In The Dark War, players have even more options to add to the base game. Players can add multiple modules with varied game elements or even a campaign mode. There are a lot of new enemies that players can fight. In addition to new monsters, helpless civilians will occasionally appear in Augmoore. In this escort style mission, players must bring these poor bastards to safety before they can (meaningfully) start to attack these monsters. Players can also unlock and use new skills. In a campaign mode, players try to defeat multiple bosses in a row in a sort of bosh rush / gauntlet mode. 

The Dark War completes Tiny Epic Defenders. Tiny Epic Defenders was already immensely entertaining, but the variety of The Dark War, makes this expansion virtually essential. Highly recommended for fans of Tiny Epic Defenders!