Review: The Sound Maker (Blue Orange Games) – English

What do you get when you combine dobble or Jungle Speed with a bunch of monkey noises? The Sound Maker by Blue Orange Games. In this crazy party game, players try to be the first to guess the card that one of the other players imitates. Imitating the sound of a toothbrush is easy, do you know what sound a banana makes?

In The Sound Maker, each player takes turns being the imitator. This player receives a sequence card and a number of cards are placed face-up on the table. These cards contain Stock Photos and show what the imitator might imitate. As soon as the imitator imitates a card, the other players must try to hit this card as fast as possible. The fastest player receives this card.

Imitating and spotting the right sounds is quite challenging. An electric shaver and a lawnmower quickly sound the same when a human imitates these sounds. There are also plenty of cards that make you wonder: what the hell kind of sound is this?

The Sound Maker should not be taken too seriously. It’s a fun party game to play with people who are in a corny mood and want to imitate a tractor or a crying baby. The fact that many of the stock photos seem to come from the same source sometimes makes the game even funnier.