Review: Rollarama World Football (Big Potato Games) – English

Although football fever is a lot less visible this, you cannot deny that there is quite a bit of football this year. Quite a few countries are also showing their competitive side this season. In Rollarama World Football, players can replay football matches between a good number of internationals. Is Rollarama a shot at goal?

In Rollarama World Football, each team is given a stack of cards containing random countries. A team can consist of a single person, so you don’t need a team and can feel free to play games with two strikers. If players don’t want to randomly distribute the cards, they can opt for a ‘draft’ where players take it in turns to pick a team/country each time before the game can begin.

Rollarama World Football is a very simple game and ideally suited as a party game or children’s game. Each turn, each team of players draws a card and places it face up. Each card shows how good a team is. That level is represented by a die that matches the die players can roll to determine which team wins. The team with a weaker team can choose to withdraw from the game. This team may save the die for the next game in the hope of increasing its chances. The card then goes back into the tin.

Players roll the dice and the team with the highest roll wins and moves on. The winning card goes to the bottom of the winner’s draw pile and the losing team goes back into the tin. If players tie, there are penalties with a sudden death rule. The game turns into a skill game where players try to score the corresponding die from one team into the other team’s goal (a card in a holder). The team that misses loses.

Rollarama World Football is a simple dice game where luck and dexterity play a big role. Just like in football…? The tactical choice of players consists of risk assessment, where players have to weigh up whether to ‘sacrifice’ certain teams to have a better chance in later duels. The game is short in duration so a game does not feel tedious. The game also comes in a small tin can making it easy to bring it along for a game of football on the go. Rollarama is just good silly fun. Olé, olé olé olé!