Review: Pacific Rails Inc (Vesuvius Media) – English

Does a board game for the train enthusiast who also likes worker placement, resource management and engine building sound like the ultimate endgame to you? Then Pacific rails Inc is on the right track!

Just like a real transcontinental ride, you need a ticket to ride and study the railway guide (the manual) well in advance as it is quite a long game with a play time ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.

For the most part, the game is worker placement, where you can cleverly combine actions (engine building). On the one hand, the actions that obtain resources can be used to obtain a bonus, and on the other hand, you get a multiplier when there is a worker in the area. The game therefore quickly picks up speed (like a high speed train) as soon as several workers are in the game. The ultimate goal of the game is of course to build tracks: from one side of the map to the other. Ultimately, the drive to win is the most important, as the one with the most victory points is the winner.

As in real life, tracks can be used by multiple carriers (players), although in the beginning you will mainly focus on your own route. The build-up in the game is quite as more and more possibilities open as you and the other players pass different villages. In addition, the game is beautifully designed and themed.

Although the game is quite long and extensive, it gives you many different possibilities and variations of play that keeps the interesting. In the beginning, the game can feel quite complex due to the different possibilities. To give you and idea: the complexity rating on board game geek is 3.27 (which is on the higher side). As a result, the game is not so suitable to take with you on the train ride to visit your grandmother, but it is suitable for a game night with your machinist and conductor friends that have some board game experience.