Review: Not Alone (Geek Attitude Games) – English

“There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man.” You and your fellow human players crashed on the mysterious planet Artemia. However, in the old ruins and mystiek areas of Area something is lurking… you (the Hunted) cannot see it, but one of your fellow players can. For he is the Creature… and you crash landers are Not Alone (by Ghislain Masson). Will you survive Artemia and escape the Creature? Or will the Creature show your removed spine with pride! “I have no time to bleed!”

Board game nerds may describe Not Alone as an asymmetric card game (many vs. 1) with a hidden moves system. The Hunted must hide in the various areas as displayed on the cards on the table. They will pick their hiding spots in secret. At a certain moment more areas may be unlocked and use its accompanying powers. This is disadvantageous for the Creature, as he will have to hunt through more areas and combat more powers. The Creature does not know where the Hunted hide. However, the alien may use your deduction skills and its special insights to determine where Hunted-players may be hiding.

If the Hunted outlast the Creature, they will win. If the creature captures everybody, he will laugh out loud while ending this game. “You lose it here, you’re in a world of hurt.”

This card game is the movie Predator in everything but the name. If you like this great flick with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch Schaeffer as much as I do, then you will enjoy Not Alone. More than 2-3 players are recommended, otherwise the Creature will win easily or the game gets dragged out. No need to get to the chopper, as you may stay in the jungles of Artemia with a healthy dose of tension to enjoy this game. “Come on… come on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on!”