Review: Luna Capital (Devir Games) – English

A nice place on thé satellite of Earth: it’s free real estate! Build the best moon base in the game LUNA Capital by Jose Ramón Palacios and send your competition to the dark side of the moon.

In essence, LUNA is a puzzle game in which you have to combine different tiles to grab as many points as possible. The nice carton miniatures and the lovely seventies space theme are bonus! By applying a nice mechanic to thwart your competitors, this game is played best in groups of 3-4 players.

In LUNA, every player chooses a sponsor (unique color and theme). Each turn players choose predetermined combinations of moon real estate and tiles containing buildings, meteorites, foundation and/or robots. The more rounds have passed during a phase, the more tiles will be placed. Every phase has its own stack of tiles, which you can place in the snuggly little carton rocket. The goals is to combine the various on the chosen moon real estate (e.g. by placing greenhouses with various fruit types, residential buildings and installations) and grab as many points as possible.

Please note that all moon real estate cards contain a number. Within the three rows you are allowed to build, you must place these cards in numerical order. So, be creative with placing your land and tiles! You can thwart competitors by leaving them the least desirable predetermined land and tiles. This works best with 3-4 players.

LUNA Capital is a successful moonshot and one giant leap for mankind. Care for a nice puzzle board game which is easy nor hard? Perfect to lift your New Year’s Eve among the stars! 🚀